Uluwatu Beach Bali

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Uluwatu Beach Bali

You arrived at our In Da Surf Camp, and one of the other guests had so many amazing things to say about the Uluwatu Beach in Bali. Perhaps you consulted with one of our coaches, and they recommended it as the best beach in Uluwatu. You heard or read that the surf is incredible too, and now you want to visit this famous beach everyone has been talking about and praising.


Don’t worry, because we can take care of it! First, one of our coaches will probably take you there with a group of surfers, and second, in this article, we are going to give you tips and tricks that will help you obtain the best experience out of that trip. A note of importance, only intermediate or advanced surfers should try surfing in Uluwatu. Our guide checks the level and the conditions and determines if you are suited.


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Before we dive into the surfing, we must give you some tips about the Uluwatu beach itself, and all the attractions you can explore while you’re there. The setting is more than majestic; it is magical, and the Uluwatu sunsets are the stuff of legends. However, getting there will require some stamina (but, you already have that as a surfer) and dedication.


The only way to access the beach is through a precipitate staircase set into a rock. Once you’re down on the beach, you’ll know that your effort was worthwhile.


The white sand beach and jade-colored water of the ocean is like a sight for sore eyes for any surfer, and that’s even before you see the powerful waves. On top of the beach lies the magnificent Uluwatu temple. The location of the temple is somewhat mythical. The temple is set right on the cliff top, and the panorama is something you’ll have to experience for yourself.

Everything in Uluwatu is dramatic, including the view on the crashing waves from the cliff. The local name of this traditional Hindu sanctuary is "Pura Luhur Uluwatu," and it’s the number two most-visited spot in Bali, which is popular with tourists and locals.


You can visit the temple every day from 8 or 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the admission is 30,000 rupiahs (about $2.15) for adults and 20,000 rupiahs (about $1.45) for children. If you’re willing to put up with the crowds, we recommend you stick around for the traditional Kecak fire dance performance that begins at sunset.


There are beach bars and popular cliff top restaurants where you try Balinese dishes with a Mediterranean twist. The most hip and trendy place is the El Kabron, a Spanish restaurant that features traditional Spanish dishes. The Karma Beach Bar is right at the beach if you want to drink a hot cup of coffee that will give you energy for catching waves. Visiting Uluwatu can be one of the fondest memories of your surfing vacation.


A list of the best beaches in Uluwatu


Now that you have a general idea of what to expect in Uluwatu, we can get back to surfing. We compiled a list of the best beaches in Uluwatu, where you can relax, dive and surf.


  • Padang Padang – is a famous surfers spot and a secluded beach. It’s “hidden” in a small bay, located at the bottom of the jungle walk. You might even see some monkeys on your way down to the beach.

  • Green Bowl Beach – is a surfer “hot spot” and one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, with every shade of green and blue featured in one place. It’s a white sand beach, with a natural cave where you relax after surfing.

  • Balangan Beach – has one of the most serene Uluwatu sceneries, and visiting it will put you in a romantic, almost nostalgic mood. The view from the cliff top is astonishing.

  • Bingin Beach – is the perfect place for an Instagram photo, because the shore is riddled with huge rocks that look magnificent.

  • Tegal Wangi Beach – is known locally as the Jacuzzi rock bath. There is a reason for its nickname, as the naturally formed rock pools on the shore look like small Jacuzzi tubs. This is a beach where you can relax and marvel at the natural caves and the rock formations.

  • Nyang Nyang Beach – as Pandang Pandang is located a short forest trek down, on its shores, you will find “the graffiti vessel.”

  • The Suluban Cave on the Uluwatu Beach – is not technically a beach, but it’s definitely a spot worth visiting. The inside of the cave is breathtaking, and it’s also the perfect place to relax after a surf.

  • Jimbaran Beach – is more of a family beach, but the sunsets are pink and beautiful if you want to chill and look at the sky.


Uluwatu surf


The Uluwatu surf is recommended for more experienced surfers, and we warmly recommend you take our beginner surfing lessons if you want to get started.


Bombie is the deepest wave in Uluwatu, and it creates a league of its own. Advanced surfers, with years of experience, are mostly interested in this surfing spot. The large peak grows and jacks up as the deeper water turns into shallow before it crashes on the shore.


Peak and Outside Corner are the other two main waves everyone is interested in because of the clean barrels and shallow reef. You can also go surfing the Racetrack, Secrets and Temples surfing spots.


The best conditions for surfing in Uluwatu is to catch larger swells, but in a mid to low tide. When the tide is high, and the swell is big, severe surges come crashing down, and this should be avoided at any cost for inexperienced surfers. Most of the time, the water is clear, clean and warm. They are the perfect conditions for surfing!


We gave you a short commentary for the best beaches in Uluwatu and the most exciting surfing spots in the area. However, we must recommend that you take the advice of our coaches and let them check the condition of the ocean first before you go surfing in Uluwatu. Most of the surfing spots are for surfers with years of experience under their belts.


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