Surf School Bali

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Surf School Bali

If you want to learn how to surf, or you’re an experienced surfer looking for new, powerful waves to ride on, then you should consider signing up for a surf school in Bali. Why Bali you might ask? Bali is sort of a dream island for surfers, and it features over 100 surf spots suitable for all levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro, there are surf spots you’re going to enjoy here.


Why would you need surf classes if you’re already a pro? Because there is always more knowledge to be shared, and new tips and tricks you can learn, and Bali is the ideal place for that.


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The In Da Surf Camp is a surf school in Bali, located in Canggu, which is one of the most popular areas for surfers. Here we are close to perfect waves all the time during the year, and the surf spots offer a great experience for all level surfers, ranging from beginners to upper intermediates. Canggu is a small, traditional Balinese village filled with culture, ancient temples, emerald-green rice fields and, of course, surfing beaches.


The most famous beaches for surfers you can find in this area are Batu Bolong beach, Nelayan beach, Echo beach, Berawa beach, Pererenan beach, Batu Belig beach (the sunset beach) and the first Canggu beach. With beginners, we often go to our home spot Batu Bolong, Old Man or Kedungu, or any other surf spots which are less crowded. For experienced guests, we recommend more challenging waves.


The camp is located near Batu Bolong and Old Man surf spot. You can arrive by motorbike in two minutes, or take a scenic walk down the beach. There is no public transportation in Canggu, and you should keep this in mind when you plan your travel to Indonesia. We do offer a free pick-up and drop off from Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar.


What makes our Canggu surf school special?


Now that you may want to consider beginner lessons for surfing, we need to tell you why our Canggu surf school is the one you should pick. We offer an exclusively tailored, individual approach for all of our guests, which is determined upon arrival and surfing level. That means that you’ll receive professional semi-private surfing lessons with video analysis and theory.


Each coach is focused only on one to two guests at a time, and during your stay, you will not change instructors. Instead, he/she will be with you at all times to offer guidance, counsel and advice.


Each package is flexible and tailored according to you and your partner/family, which is why we offer different deals and accommodation prices and rates for surfers and non-surfers. You don’t have surf if you want to accompany a friend on a surfer’s vacation. We don’t have a minimum stay, and you can come to our camp for one night or a month, as that everything is about accommodating you and your schedule.  


We’re proud to say that over 40 percent of our guests come back because of the lively and charming atmosphere we have created at our surfing camp. Everyone is welcome, and we like to think of you as a family member, and that’s how you’ll be treated here. Our mission is to share with you the knowledge and the passion for surfing, while crafting the best background where can thrive!


Our team of professionals has been with us from the very beginning, and they are friendly people that have the experience and the attitude to teach you everything they know about surfing. We hold educational and training programs each year, so we can further our approaches and develop novel techniques to show you.


Additionally, our coaches choose surf spots every day according to guest level, tide and swell condition. That means that you can practice on different types of waves and explore more breaks during your stay.


We feature a wide range from soft top boards for beginners to short boards for advanced surfers. Our coach will help you choose the proper board for you, according to your level and the waves you want to surf on. You can also change your board during your stay depending on the progress. All equipment is already included in the package.


For a short background story, In Da Surf is a family-owned surfing school. Indra was working as a surf coach for a long time and then decided to open his camp in 2014. He and his wife opened one of the first hostels in the village, the Surfers House Hostel, and later expanded with the Pool Villa.

When you arrive at the In Da Surf camp, you’ll see just how much they invested to turn this place into the perfect surfer's spot. You can enjoy a beautiful garden with a BBQ area, mango trees and hammocks to relax after an exciting surf session. The Villa even features a private and cozy green garden with an inviting pool.


You can find a lot of local and western-style restaurants and bars in close proximity to the Surfers House Hostel. They offer a vast variety of various food choices, which can turn into an enticing foodie adventure. If you want to stay in, we feature our very own entertainment program for our guests.


You can also catch a Movie Night at Surfers House garden, a Tradition Balinese workshop and attend some of the BBQ parties we throw for our surfers. Our gardens are even perfect for a morning yoga stretch!


Additional experiences to engage in while you’re in a Bali surf school


While you are learning surfing in our Bali surf school, you can also set some time to explore the surrounding landscape. We recommend you check out the rice fields and the ancient temples that are a “trademark” of Balinese nature and culture. The In Da Surf school in Bali is here to help you create experiences and teach you how to surf on powerful ocean waves.


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