Canggu Street Food

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Canggu Street Food

When you wander through the streets of Canggu its hard to choose between the array
of delicious restaurants spanning for miles.

From international cuisine to fantastic fusions, vegan to vegetarian dishes that will light
up your taste buds, it’s sensory overload and a budget buster for most.

If you want to delve into true cuisine culture at a local price with food that will equally
tantalize your taste buds for less than $2 a plate, we’ve rounded up the best local
eateries and street stalls around Canggu that you’ll want to head straight too.

A Vegetarian Delight: Local Gado-Gado & Spicy Fruit Salad - Rujak

This hidden gem is one of our top spots for vegetarians and those who love Indonesia's
famous gado-gado.

Although this local warung looks like a small shop, hidden behind the table of snacks
and drinks is a talented local woman making the best and freshest lunches right before
your eyes. When she’s finished, she’ll wrap up your generous portion and you’re ready
to go!


What to Eat:
Rujak: mixed fruit with salt, chili and fish sauce (for veg. simply ask for no fish sauce)
Tipat cantok: peanut sauce, mixed vegetables, tofu and rice
Where: Across the street from Vida restaurant on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong
When: Morning until afternoon
Price: 10-15k each

Best Pork Sautee Skewers

You’ll see street stalls all around Canggu close to the beach selling some sort of meat on
a stick but if you want the best quality with the highest taste, head to our favorite pork
sautee street stall away from the beach where you’ll get a handful of freshly cooked
pork skewers accompanied by rice and your choice of peanut sauce, spicy chill sambal or

What to Eat: 7 pork sautee skewers with rice
Where: Across from Eden Café on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong
When: 5-6pm
Price: 20k for 7 skewers

Best Chicken Sautee Skewers, Nasi Jingo & Minced Chicken Tum

I’m sure you’ve seen banana leaf packages sitting along tables from street vendors but
were a tad hesitant to try. Well let us tell you; These beautifully wrapped banana leafs
can be anything from minced meat to fish or the to-go version of the popular Nasi
Campur (A mix of rice accompanied by small portions of a number of other small
dishes). Across from Ajung Boutique are two street vendors side by side – on the left,
you’ll spot a table selling the banana leaf wrapped dishes and to the right, one of the
best chicken sauté’s freshly grilled on the spot for you to enjoy.


What to Eat:
Nasi jingo (inside of banana leaf you will find rice, noodles, chicken, coconut, tempe
and spicy sambal)
Tum - Banana leaf with minced chicken (Tum Ayam) or fish (Tum Ikan)
Where: Across from Ajung Boutique on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong
When: 5-6pm
Price: Tum (2k), Nasi Jingo (5k), Chicken Sautee (10-20k)

Best Lamb Soup or Gule Kambing in Canggu

A local soup you won't want to miss out on while in Canggu is a famous stall outside of
Circle K in Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong serving up what’s called “Gule Kambing” or lamb soup for a mere 15k!

What to Eat:

Gule Kambing: Lamb Soup with tomato, onion and garlic, you can also add some rice

Sate Kambing Lamb Sautee Skewers with peanut sauce 
Where: Next to Circle K in Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong

When: 5 - 9 pm
Price: 15k for the soup and 20k for the skewers

Best Bakso in Canggu

Bakso is a famous Indonesian meatball typically made from chicken or beef that is
accompanied in a steaming bowl of broth with noodles, cabbage, deep fried crackers
and various condiments such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, and sweet soy.

One of our all-time favorite Bakso stalls can be found along the side road adjacent to
Old Man’s Bar. Walk or drive down the alleyway until the end of the street where you’ll
see locals huddled around on plastic chairs enjoying the famous Bakso against a
gratified wall with steps to the beach.

What to Eat: Bakso Soup with all of the condiments (Chicken Meatball, Noodles,
cabbage, deep fried crackers in a chicken broth.)

Where: Next to Old mans beach board rental shop

When: from 5 - 7 PM
Price: 10k - 20k

Enjoy local food and let us know what is your favorite!

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