10 Bali Nomads You Have to Follow Before Your Trip

May 10, 2017 | 0 Comment

10 Bali Nomads You Have to Follow Before Your Trip

You decided your vacation plan; next destination: Bali. Sounds perfect. No need to mention its natural and cultural beauties, yoga, surf, hiking activities, delicious cuisine or romantic spots. But to learn more and decide what you want to do, we highly recommend you follow and read these travel bloggers, in other words, nomads.

Here is the 10 nomads you should follow to have a better Bali experience before your trip. Bon Voyage!



Almost Landing was created with the passion of Bali by an Australian couple named Mandy and Chris. From accommodation to safety, there are several bits of information for beginners or addicts. They also prepare guides with reasonable prices. 



Stella is a surfer, blogger, photographer who moved to Bali a couple of years ago. She has videos about the things to do and daily tips about the island that could save your life at some point. (ie. bali scooter rental tips) You can also follow her Instagram account about the tips and daily life of Bali.



Matthew Kepnes has tips about traveling better, cheaper and longer around the world. His articles and travel guides about Bali are a must-read before coming to Bali. In Nomadic Matt, you can find destinations, budget tips, typical costs and activities around Bali.



Sab is a German that quit her job and started to travel around the world. She is now traveling non-stop for 4 years. She is honest about the good and, lets say, less good places of Bali. Everything can not be amazing, right?

Plus if you want to travel around the world, Sab has a good article that tells how to prepare yourself. Check her About page!



If you have limited time and need the ideas as a package, just read the Filipina blogger Gael’s blog. It has a 4 day Bali tour ideas, and the best part is, it’s free!



The Travel Ninjas of Voyagin are a sect of passionate travelers bound by their dedication to uncovering true authenticity in Asia. And Bali is one of their favourite spots. See Bali’s must-do’s and plans from different perspectives. 



Every single detail is explained clearly by Irene, the Singaporean award winning blogger. You can find all the costs, all the decisions (with reasons), the distances, the ingredients, everything with details. Reading this blog is like experiencing Bali, seriously.



Hungy Partier Drew is writing about culture, people, food, accommodation and of course, night life of the places he visits. If you want to know the young and crazy perspective of Bali, this blog is definitely for you.



This couple crashes Instagram with their photos, and may be less explanation and more photos, they’re collecting their experiences on their blogs. It’s good to check and get inspired by their photo albums before coming to Bali.



Bee Amazing are travel-food bloggers and photographers living on the island of Bali. Their reviews are based on real experiences, not words paid for by restaurant invitations. If you want to hear restaurant recommendations from local bloggers, here is the right address for you. They are also writing the non-touristy areas of the island, which can be very useful if you are a traveler instead of tourist.



Melissa is the founder of indojunkie.com, a German destination blog about traveling, diving, surfing and living in Indonesia, written by a bunch of awesome Indojunkies! If Melissa not writing about Indonesia, she is exploring the world, practicing yoga, writing books, trying to surf or just enjoy the moment. Her new motto: Life is simple! Enjoy without complaint (heard from Agus in Nusa Penida).